Ten Questions To Ask Bookkeepers And Accountants

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If you’re looking for accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks professionals in Portland Oregon Metro area to assist you in cleaning up your finances, increasing your ROI, and optimize your business operations, it’s essential to choose a reliable team with high standards. Quality, Professionalism and Reliability will produce an end product will be a direct reflection of your business! To get this result, you need to choose professionals who can support, serve, and guide you accurately.

However, if you’ve never worked with these business advisors before, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right ones for your needs. We make the whole process easier for you. Business Services Optimized has outlined ten valuable questions to ask bookkeepers and accountants.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to understand if the company you’re considering is the right fit for you, and capable of optimizing your business through strategic management, accounting, bookkeeping, business planning, and set up.

1. Do you consider yourself a problem solver?

When you hire a business management expert, you’ll expect them to solve the issues you’ve come across on your own. At the same time, you’ll want them to foresee troubles and come up with action plans to overcome them. That’s why finding a problem solver is vital.

2. Are you a person who pays attention to detail?

You want your accounts to be error-free and your business approaches to be reliable to avoid trouble with the law, shareholders, and financial management. As a result, ask your accounting professional if they pay attention to details.

3. Can you provide me with a list of referrals?

Referrals are a valuable source of information to know about genuine service quality. Checking out referrals can also teach you things you didn’t know about accounting and business management services.

4. Can you tell me the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper?

Accounting and bookkeeping are not the same, which makes accountants and bookkeepers very different specialists. An experienced professional will easily be able to tell you the difference between the two. If they cannot, retract them from your list of experts.

5. Why should I outsource my accounting needs vs. hiring a part-time employee?

Outsourcing your accounting needs will provide you with continuous support when you need it. A part-time employee, on the other hand, will put in only a few hours of work each day, which could delay your procedures and solutions to your needs.

6. What software tools do you use and why?

QuickBooks is an absolute must to ensure your data is well managed and available on demand. Other software may also be used to maintain efficiency, store data, and so on. However, make sure to do your research about these before trusting an accountant with your data.

7. How can you help me in understanding my specific business needs?

Business management experts should not only manage your financial plan. They should also be able to give you better control over your business, by educating you about your specific business needs and offering you different solutions to your challenges.

8. How long have you been working in the accounting industry?

Experience is also a vital aspect when considering an accounting or business management specialist to help you optimize your operations and finances.

9. How do you bill and how do you base your fees?

Knowing the fees and billing process of a business advisor in advance will help you save yourself from unnecessary grief in the future. At the same time, you will know if they fit within your budget.

10. Are you locally based and how often would we need to meet?

Understand the basics of about business management professionals before you sign any agreements. It will help you save on time, expenses, and stress while utilizing their services.

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